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The Stride Suite

The ultimate sales CRM.

The ultimate email prospecting tool.

Press releases & guaranteed social media verification (IG, FB, etc.).

Done-for-you sales rep placement & training agency for our clients.

Exclusive job board of trained virtual workers. Our clients get access.

Our VC Fund. Specific clients may get access to our VC partners.

Our exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs with access to plug-n-play resources and trainings.

Our Real Estate company. Our clients get early access to exclusive platinum pre construction investment deals

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Digital Marketers
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B2B Individuals
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Basically, if you work with business clients or provide a service, this is for you!

Our strategies and tactics work pre-crisis, during a crisis and even after a crisis. 100% recession-proof!

Your Current Marketing Strategy Is Burning $$$

You've got big goals, and it’s tempting to cut-corners or rely on unpredictable SDR hires.

• You need a solution that finally checks all the boxes.

• You need guaranteed results, not just more marketing noise.

• You need to see the growth plans, and the ROI math.

You need a process that removes the risk.

Let's Dive Into The Exact System Your Team Needs To Get Outbound Sales Right.

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Prospecting Flow

Still Think Sending Manual Outreach Is Going To Work?

If you expect to grow through SDR teams and scrappy tactics...It might be costing more than you realize…

• Long ramp-up cycles, slow scaling, expensive toolsets, and the rising cost of lead data makes utilizing fractional sales far more efficient and predictable than more hires.

• Managing an SDR team is expensive with no guaranteed results or return, and the cost of labor is only getting higher...

• Appointment setters rarely have the process or leadership they actually need for success, and they absolutely don't have the infrastructure.

Here's how to do it the right way WITHOUT spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on risky internal SDRs.

Join 300+ Winning Entrepreneurs

Low-Budget Automation And Low-Skill Agencies Are Sabotaging Your Success

Bad sales process and scrappy solutions are sabotaging your sales success.

• Scrappy software widgets can actually get you banned.

• Cheap email automation and poorly crafted emails actually ruin your lead list.

• Most growth hacks are unethical and non-performant, most agencies don't produce, and you don't need more shortcuts.

People believe what they see, not what they hear. Let us run the math with you.

People believe what they see, not what they hear. Let us run the math with you.

Executve Content

Join 300+ Winning Entrepreneurs

Executive Automation

How Much Is Bad Process And Inaction Costing You?

Your market is out there…

But you're not reaching them in the most effective way... You're missing out on cash in the bank because of it.

• Every month, thousands of your ideal customers are looking for a solution to their problems… but you don't know them by name, and they don't know you.

• The longer you wait to start outbound sales (the right way), the more cash you leave on the table -- and it's a lot of money.

• Budget tactics actually burn otherwise great prospect relationships (the cost is higher than you think)...

We'll show you how to do it the right way WITHOUT scrappy automated short-cuts. Results guaranteed.

We'll show you how to do it the right way WITHOUT scrappy automated short-cuts. Results guaranteed.

Join 300+ Winning Entrepreneurs

With Outbound Sales as a Service, You Can Finally Solve The Growth Problem In Your Business

ExecutiveStride™ is built from the ground up for High-Ticket Sales Teams. Our data-driven outbound process is designed to flood your calendar with qualified appointments, drive your revenue through the roof, and help you profitably scale your business -- fast. Your closers will thank you.

Our 6-step process is designed to get you results in weeks, not months.

LinkedIn Stats

Franky Shaw - $220k Net Profit in 2 Months

Franky Shaw founded FutrGroup Automation, an ecommerce marketing agency offering DFY Shopify automation stores and consulting services that help people grow ecommerce businesses to 6 and 7 figures in monthly revenue. Franky had a great product but lacked a scalable method for attracting and onboarding new clients, leading to a low retention rate along with unpredictable revenue & cashflow.

The Process

Franky Shaw approached Executive Stride in January 2021; Franky needed our help building a predictable sales unit and turnkey lead generation solution to produce a steady stream of consistent, qualified appointments. We simplified his company’s messaging, set up both paid and organic outreach strategies, and helped Franky build a highly skilled, remote appointment-setter team.

220k Profit in 2 Months

The Results

FutrGroup’s average weekly sales calls went from 40 to 110. Franky says that Executive Stride basically ‘hands you leads on a silver platter’. And due to their strength presenting business cases and closing deals, FutrGroup was able to secure $220,000 net profit in just 2 months using the 6-Step S.T.R.I.D.E system.


“Now I don’t usually do testimonials for people but Josh and his team Executive Stride have taken it upon themselves to basically outwork and out perform every single lead generation firm that I’ve worked with in the past.

Now, most of my clientele is high ticket, very high ticket and not only have they been able to generate me a tremendous amount of additional monthly, but he and his team are super supportive and they basically hand you leads on a silver platter. Now a lot of agencies say they do this but to put it into executive action and make that action transferable to you so that you do the easy work and sell them as long as you’re a good sales person. You should have no issues with these leads that Executive Stride is providing you.

So as far as I’m concerned, they’re the best locally and the best lead generation firm that I’ve personally worked with in the past and in the future, because I’m not going anywhere. I’m with Executive Stride, thank you so much Josh!”

FutrGroup Automation

Niche:  Ecommerce Automation & Consulting

Result: $220k Net Profit in 2 Months

Founder: Franky Shaw

FutrGroupAutomation Logo
Franky Shaw

"I don't usually do testimonials for people but we've been able to generate a tremendous amount of additional monthly income with Executive Stride. Their team is super supportive and basically hands you results on a silver platter."

Ecommerce Results

Burke Financial - Jacob Snitman 10+ Sales Calls A Week

Jacob Snitman, real estate and mortgage broker, was struggling to generate new business in a very competitive marketplace. Booking just 2 qualified appointments every week was proving to be a huge challenge. Jacob had already tried working with virtual assistants and remote call teams to scale his business - but with little success.

The Process

Jacob joined the STRIDE program in Q4 of 2020 with lead generation and client acquisition as primary growth opportunities for both businesses. And Jacob says that by automating lead generation tasks, he was also able to better service clients and focus on other crucial parts of the business, previously overlooked in the scramble to get Leads. Executive Stride provided all the tools needed to scale his business, including the S.T.R.I.D.E. Accelerator Training and the Client Acquisition Code; Jacob says these tools were critical components in helping him to scale his business.

The Results

The impact for Burke Financial and ABC Marketing was game-changing. The company went from averaging just 2 booked appointments each week to consistently scheduling 10 high-quality weekly calls.


“For anyone who’s worked in either of my industries I'm sure you’re very familiar with how stressful things can be, how competitive the market is and quite frankly how hard it is to generate some new business for yourself. So that being said, I'd like to give a huge out to Josh and his team for being able to do exactly that. I originally employed their team actually back in the quarter for 2020 to scale both of my businesses and since the first week campaigns after we’ve onboarded they have consistently been able to achieve at least 10 booked appointments on my calendar for each of my businesses, every single week for the last six months.

Now, not only has this completely scaled my revenue, but it’s also a) helped me better service my clients by giving them more time to focus on their individual needs, and b) focused on other parts of my business knowing that my lead generation is being completely taken care of and in good hands. Two other really cool things I wanted to point out is they give you access to these amazing tools, one is the Client Acquisition Code and the other is the S.T.R.I.D.E Accelerated Training. And both of these were absolutely, what I would define as critical components in helping me scale my business.

If you’re looking to crush your business goals this year I would really really recommend getting in contact with Josh and seeing how he and his team can help you as well.

Burke Financial

Niche: Real Estate

Result:  10+ Qualified Calls/Week For Last 6mo

Founder: Jacob Snitman

Burke Financial Brokerage
Jacob Snitman

"They've consistently been able to help me achieve at least 10 booked appointments on my calendar for both of my businesses separately every week for the last six months. If you’re looking to crush your business goals this year, I would really, really recommend getting in contact with Josh and seeing how he and his team can help you as well."

Realtor Media Leads $0 to $20K MRR in 30 Days

Stephen Gomes, founder and CEO of Realtor Media Leads, provides digital marketing and consulting services to real estate agents. Like many business owners, Stephen was struggling to get leads; he was cold calling with little positive effect and bouncing around between various non-revenue generating tasks and with only 2 clients, was generating 2K in monthly revenue.

The Process

Stephen was all-in on the Executive Stride program; he already knew what he’d been doing wasn’t working and was highly motivated to make some changes. We helped Stephen set up an automated lead generation program and they started booking qualified meetings, week after week. Steven says that working with Executive Stride has completely changed his business. “It’s just been on fire for us!”

The Results

Since enlisting our help and joining our STRIDE 6-Step Training Program, Realtor Media Leads has gone from $2K to $20,000 MRR - simply by implementing our automated processes and proven strategies, bringing both consistency and structure to his business.


“I have to give a huge shout out to Josh Pocock and his team, these guys completely changed my business! I came into the industry and started this company called Realtor Media Leads and starting it up was really difficult. I didn’t know how to get clients, I was cold calling people and was making $2k a month doing this, I only had two Realtor clients.

As soon as these guys jumped on board, they set me up with this LinkedIn program and it’s just been on fire for us, it’s been booking us meetings every single week, week after week after week, and it’s helped me scale my business to now over $20k per month.

So if you’re looking for some seriously powerful leads that actually want your service on the sales call, then these guys know how to target them and help you get them. So huge shout out to them and if your not working with Josh, I don’t know what you’re doing.”

Realtor Media Leads

Niche: Real Estate Marketing & Advertising

Result: $0 to $20MRR in 30 Days

Founder: Stephen Gomes