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Our Partnership Mission With Overachieving Affiliate Members

At we emphasize the personal approach and result orientation.

We only work with ambitious people who we are convinced that we can actually help them.

As a result, we realize success story after success story from those who are dedicated, focused and committed to leaving their 9to5 for good!

We put an end to the hype of all these so-called online gurus who only teach theory and make believe that you can get rich overnight.

Our amazing testimonials and client interviews speak for themselves. You can see them below.

Are you looking for a real change?

And are you willing to work hard for this?

Then you may be eligible to work with us based on your overachieving performance.

Make sure to showcase your wins in the affiliate discord group first and we'll personally reach out and extend a private invitation to speak with us.

This position is available for a limited-time only

Introducing The

Affiliate Program

What Is The Program About?

This is a roadmap built to help ANY service provider (agency, coaches, consultant) scale past $50,000/month as fast as possible using organic marketing and acquisition systems.

We provide clients with the right insights and the best client acquisition systems for your offer & niche. We help them build their custom systems and provide them with the most affordable team to run and scale their business.

We make sure to remove clients from working inside their business by integrating systems and teams to add half a million $ in new Annual Recurring Revenue for their business.

What Is The Program Commission?

$550 Canadian Dollars For Each Sale Generated Through Affiliate Tracking ID.

Plus an Added Bonus of $1000 Canadian Dollars for every 5 (five) clients referred.

What Do We Solve For Coaches, Consultants, Agency Owners Looking For Faster Results?

1. Mindset, KPI's & Accountability

Discover mindset-transforming insights in this module that will form the foundational skills for your entrepreneurial adventure. Discipline & perseverance become second nature to you.

2. 1-On-1 Personal Mentorship

You take your real first steps in entrepreneurial land here.

While everything is administratively arranged, we take you through all kinds of essential digital tools that will cash in on your startup.

3. Acquisition System Integration

We share many systems with you on how to prospect effectively manage and scale your service business. Hiring or delegating? - no problem!

There are various systems for

every type of tasks/business.

4. Growth Specialist Team Buildout

No sales experience? No problem!

Our extensive qualifying and sales approach in combination with our experienced GSTeam makes sales a game in which winning simply becomes an addiction and consistently be booking calls for you.

5. Content Pillar Planning Strategy

For daily content flow, we got you covered! Within our "WHY YOU" worksheets you'll execute guidelines for drafting unique pillar posts as well as access to our automation flow for daily social media outsourcing and posting DFY.

6. Delegation & Automation Setups

No matter the workload in your business, our team and systematic approach will give you oversight of all Team members and KPIs in your business which gives you a better focus on the execution of the main priorities in your business.

7. Organic Paid & Ads Strategies

Using social media is a fun leisure activity. But what if you got acquainted with the real power of this as lead generation? You'll learn to advertise from A to Z in a professional environment and sell your customers anything you want without being salesy or intrusive in their inboxes.

8. 90-Day $50K MRR+ Scaling Roadmap

Are you the ambitious entrepreneur who wants to continue growing consistently?

Or are you satisfied with a solid income that allows you to taste a free and independent life every day? Let us work together towards making this year truly amazing adding an extra $50K MRR in your business!

Getting Started Promoting Our Affiliate Program

Note: make sure to always adhere to USA / European guidelines when promoting our products and services.*

*USA - FTC Guidelines:

Always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services

*EUROPEAN UNION - Commerce Guidelines:

$25,000 Commission In One Week!

Complete Step-By-Step Strategy Walktrhough

STEP #1:


Full in-depth offer breakdown and company insight on;

who are are, what we offer, and who can help our target

audience solve their inefficiencies with our solutions.

STEP #2:


Get started educating yourself with the proper insight on

the best channels to acquire qualified leads, the most effective ways to qualify leads and how to stay in communication is us.











STEP #3:


We dive deep into strategies we use to book 15 meetings per day

every single day showing you where we found our audience, how we

interact with them, how we find inefficiencies and book them on a call.


Affiliate Links & Tracking Portal Setup.








Affiliate Links & Tracking Portal Setup.

$25,000 Commission In One Week!


"Remove All The Systems Building And Contingencies From Agencies, Coaches & Consultants Hands And Give Client REAL TANGIBLE Results And Longterm Growth"

We have made it


our mission to reshape the agency, coaching, and consulting landscape

. We do this through a powerful


practice-oriented mentorship program


in which we stimulate our students very personally. We help people by


working alongside them to learn


how to start, grow and scale their online lead generation.

Traditional training only is outdated and far too expensive, that is very clear. Our mentorship program is designed to


increase your income by 200%, 500% or even 1000%


and this for only a fraction of the cost that you normally pay for traditional training


not to mention the setup & back-end delivery automation ALL done-for-you.

We help novices with little business experience to start, build and scale their own


'hyper' profitable online business/agency.


Entrepreneurs in need of more customers are also welcome for a monthly boost in their customer base.

Very few people understand the importance of online lead generation.


Digital visibility is today extremely crucial to stand out


in the market,


therefor we do ALL the setup for you!

We ensure that all our students


Develop into Real Entrepreneurs and CEO's.


The result? 

Running your own


successful business anywhere in the world.


Where we will put full emphasis on working 'on' the business and not 'in' the business while the rest is managed for you.

This way of doing business will lead to complete freedom, guaranteed!

This position is available for a limited-time only

***For Dedicated, Driven And Coachable People ONLY***

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This position is available for a limited-time only

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This position is available for a limited-time only

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links and more.

Tracking Back Office

Complete software to

see all link activities

and sales.

Weekly Training

Time with Successful

Affiliates & ClienAcquisition Team


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Name: Franky Shaw 

Niche: Ecom & Consulting

Results: $220k Net Profit in 2 Months

Name: Jacob Snitman

Niche: Real Estate & Consulting

Results: From 0 to 10+ Qualified Calls/Week For Last 6mo

Name: Stephen Gomes

Niche: Marketing Agency

Results: From zero to $20MRR in 30 Days

Name: Jacob Sherrard

Niche: Email Marketing Agency

Results: From zero to 41 Booked Appointments In 3 Weeks

Name: Harshal Dewangan

Niche: IT, Web & App Dev

Results: From zero to 35 Demos & 11 Closed Deals in 3 Weeks

Name: Kas Ghorb

Niche: Marketing Agency

Results: From zero to 37 Booked Demos & 13 New Clients

Name: Ivan Alkemist

Niche: Marketing Coach

Result: $18,000 Additional Revenue In 30 Days

Name: Bharat SB

Niche: Marketing Agency

Result:  From zero to 15 Booked Demos & 3 Deals In 2 Weeks

This position is available for a limited-time only


Josh Pocock

Josh has been an entrepreneur for many years working in sales and marketing all his life. When Josh started his full-service marketing agency a few years ago he was a generalist cold calling and cold emailing any niche, selling any service from Facebook ads to SEO and website design.

Like many entrepreneurs, this didn’t work out well because he was juggling too many different clients in different industries and he had no proven system to convert clients on demand.

At first he tried hiring agencies and ‘experts to help him get more clients but the ROI was nonexistent. Josh tried everything until he stumbled upon LinkedIn; a goldmine.

He spend years learning everything on how to set up a fully automated client acquisition machine leveraging LinkedIn. It worked so well for Josh that his clients started asking for it and it soon became his bread & butter service.

He then turned his system into a comprehensible mentorship program to ensure his clients get the long-term results they need while maintaining their sovereignty.

Josh quickly was able to scale his business and help his clients scale using LinkedIn and the completely NEW way of prospecting that no one talks about.

This offer is available for a limited-time only

This position is available for a limited-time only

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