Community and Support

Private Entrepreneur Community

We have a group of highly-motivated, active, and smart entrepreneurs. You are able to use this group as a networking environment and support hub. The power is in the group! Just provide value to other group members!

Weekly Workshop Calls

We host workshop calls twice per week. During these calls, you can get one-on-one feedback on your assets and your progress.

You can also learn from other top entrepreneurs by being a fly on the wall.

All of these calls are recorded and referenceable. These calls also help you adhere to the program. It’s too common for entrepreneurs to get distracted and misguided. These calls will keep you on the rails and make sure you are executing on your game plan!

One-On-One Expert Sessions

We hold one-on-one sessions where we conduct revisions on your assets: foundational copy, business model, pricing, funnel, videos, outbound emails, paid advertisement copy, sales scripts, comp. structures, customer success on-boarding processes, investment decks, etc… You can use these calls as needed as your are working through the action plan.

Mastermind Events

For those in the Mastermind Group, we hold in-person events 3 times per year. You can use these events to network with like-minded business owners and get that extra help in an immersive context.

All events are recorded. They are also live-streamed for mastermind members who are unable to attend the event.

The Mastermind Group is Invite Only. The typical member is a 7-figure + internet entrepreneur who is shooting for $10M +

Templates & Tools

Over the years, we have accumulated an array of various plug-n-play templates, tools, and growth hacks that you’ll have complete access to. These tools can be implemented where needed to scale any area of your business

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