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1. Activate your Executive Stride AI™ account

It will only take minutes to start automating your LinkedIn outreach with Executive Stride AI™. To get started, you will need to open your Executive Stride AI™ account and also have an active LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account.

Executive Stride AI™‘s automation tools are mainly used by sales teams to automate their LinkedIn lead generation efforts, however due to the combination of various engagement features, it can also be used by startups to attract investors or even by recruiters to find potential candidates.

The benefits of integrating Executive Stride AI™ tools into your lead generation process can add immense value to your pipeline. You’ll be able to not only automate your lead generation process but also to acquire customers outside of your network and enter new markets within days.

2. Filter your ideal customers

Once you’ve successfully activated Executive Stride AI™, you can start searching for your ideal customers using LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator automation tools. You’ll be able to filter by Location, Industry, Company size, Title, Seniority Level, Technology that the company uses, Number of followers and much more.

Once you have selected a filter containing your ideal prospects, Executive Stride AI™ will also allow you to select the desired level of engagement and enable all relevant features like Connection Invites, Sequential Messaging, Free InMails, Twitter Engagement or Profile View Generator.

Once you’ve completed Executive Stride AI™‘s 2-minute setup and also decided on the level of automation and engagement, you can now start running Zopto and expect to receive the first leads.

3. Enjoy the Hot Leads

Now that you have fully automated your LinkedIn lead generation using Executive Stride AI™, you can expect to see the first results within days and depending on the desired outcome and campaign settings, numerous conversations and Hot Leads will be generated on auto-pilot, filling your LinkedIn inbox.

You also have access to a live dashboard, which will provide you with detailed information and statistics related to your LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Since Executive Stride AI™ is a cloud-based software, that means you are no longer dependant on your device or internet connection and you can now fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

Depending on your plan, you will also get access to Email and Chat Support, 1-on-1 Strategy Calls and even a dedicated Account Manager.

Stop making excuses, listen to Gary Vee and learn to master LinkedIn now. 

"LinkedIn's the single most important platform you need to be spending your time on.."

-Gary Vaynerchuk

Solid. Smart. And Delightfully Simple.

CRM Integration

Sync connections, contact information and hot leads directly through to your favourite CRM system using Zapier.

Compatible with Sales Navigator & Recruiter

Amplify your sales navigator account by enabling a higher degree of targeting that allows you access to a higher calibre of contacts.

GDPR Compliant Prospecting

Cold emailing and calling will soon become obsolete in Europe. That’s when we come in as alternative way for consensual outreach, at scale.

Businesses Consulted

Successfully Placed Virtual Assistants

Business & Sales Trainings Hosted

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See How Executive AI Compares To The Competition

What our customers say🏆

"Executive Stride has completely changed my business, I never knew LinkedIn could be so effective! The constant deal flow on a daily basis has been insane even with the current climate of the world we're still killing it thanks to Josh and his team at ExecutiveStride.

ExecutiveStride has helped our company grow even in a down economy during a full pandemic. I cannot thank these guys enough"

- Marketing / Advertising Agency Owner

What our customers say🏆

"I was very skeptical about trying another LinkedIn lead gen company, especially after my last experience… but I have to say once I got started and started implementing their systems I knew they were different. It works with relatively little effort. They actually care and it shows in their client results. Best investment I’ve made in my business.

- Coach / Consultant

What our customers say🏆

"Automated Lead Gen and Networking > Forced Growth.

Our demo booking rate increased from 15% to 43%,
Our demo closing rate went from 8% to 37%."  

- SaaS Founder

What our customers say🏆

"I really love how it takes the grunt work out. I was absolutely amazed after our first week…. We closed our first client less than 2 days into the ExecutiveStride service. The coaching calls and extra support really helps us scale to the next level and we're excited to see what the future holds."  

- Senior Living Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a LinkedIn Premium account to use Executive Stride AI™

Since LinkedIn limits the number of your profile views and profile searches on a free account, you will need to upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account to fully benefit of Executive Stride AI™ features. We recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator as the filtering options are superior to LinkedIn Premium. Click here to learn more.

Is ther a long term commitment?

There is no long term commitment with Executive Stride AI™. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. Upgrades and downgrades take effect immediately. The new monthly rate begins at the start of your next billing cycle. Click here to learn more.

What languages does Executive Stride AI™ support?

Executive Stride AI™ has no limitation on the language of your LinkedIn account or the language that you use to connect with prospects. Click here to learn more.

How is Executive Stride AI™ different than other tools?

Executive Stride AI™ Linkedin Automation Tool is not another Chrome extension that you need to install in your browser, but a cloud-based software that allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns, without being dependant on your device or internet connection. Click here to learn more.

Is The Executive Stride AI™ GDPR compliant?

GDPR doesn’t affect the LinkedIn outreach and messaging campaigns so whilst your other marketing communications could be severely curtailed, Executive Stride AI™ ensures that you can run fully compliant campaigns. Click here to learn more.

What results can I expect to see?

Each profile and business is different. However, all businesses need exposure, visibility and to stay in front of their ideal prospects. The look back rates that we’re seeing can range between 2-14%, with an average of 9%. Many of the people who look back at your profile will also send you a connection request but can also visit your website and engage directly with you.
By using the Auto-Connect, Free InMails or Sequential Messaging feature, you’ll be able to continuously reach out to new prospects, all on auto-pilot, which will guarantee a steady stream of leads every day. Click here to learn more.

Can I run Executive Stride AI™ on multiple LinkedIn profiles?

When you activate Executive Stride AI™, you’ll be asked to link your Executive Stride AI™ account with your LinkedIn one. If you wish to add more Executive Stride AI™ users, you can simply do that from your dashboard. This will immediately give you access to a multi-user dashboard. Click here to learn more.

Can I white label Executive Stride AI™?

Yes, we offer a white label solution for agencies that have more than 5 active accounts. You can learn more about our plans and available discounts by clicking. Click here to learn more. here.